Most of us have officially survived the first half of this crazy year, rest in piece to the 519k coronavirus deaths to date. This is generally one of my favorite months of the year. Not only is it my birthday month, I love the summer weather in Southern California. Usually I’d have already lost track of how many times I’ve been down to the beach by now. This year that’s unfortunately not an issue; I’ve been precisely twice. In spite of the ever looming threat of being infected with COVID-19, I have a number of things I am looking forward to this month.

I’m expecting the quietest Independence Day of my life

The Fourth of July is approaching quickly, the day after tomorrow. Being that we are still enduring the first wave of the pandemic, I’m expecting it to be a rather quiet one. This year really has been the strangest of my life, and I’m sure many would agree with that sentiment. I think collectively, we thought we were somewhat in the clear from at least the first coronavirus wave. In hindsight, I think we were just distracted due to the George Floyd killing and subsequent protests/riots.

The news caught me off guard a few days ago when it announced that one out of 140 people in Los Angeles are currently infected with the coronavirus, a number that would be jumping to one out of 100 or possibly even one out of 70 within a week. The Fourth of July is being heavily impacted by this; beaches will be closed, large gatherings and firework displays will be prohibited, doesn’t seem like there will be much to do.

California Governer announced return of lockdown for several business types, including restaurants, as coronavirus cases surge in the state.

Announced today on Fox News
Justin Zwick with his dog Eva. Eva is a Pitsky - half Siberian Husky and half Blue Nose Pit
There is someone that will appreciate a quieter 4th…Eva is turning 5 that day. My half husky, half blue nosed pit bull (aka a Pitsky) was born on July 4th, 2015. She is terrified of fireworks, so much so that whenever one goes off she spends at least several hours as close to me as physically possible. If she doesn’t have contact, it’s not close enough. Poor girl goes through this every birthday. Really, every birthday month seeing as how most people begin with fireworks well before the fourth, and continue well after. Overall, I think the best plan of action will be to go stock up at a local firework stand, grab some food for the barbecue, and hang out with the kiddo setting off fireworks. She specifically told her mom and I she wanted to go somewhere to watch a big show, but I’m sure she will have a great time anyway.

My Birthday resolutions

I’m not sure when I began this habit, however I generally make resolutions around my birthday rather than New Years like most people. In any case, it seems to work out better for me than the traditional ones did. I feel I’ve made tremendous progress in several areas of my life over the last year. I had quite a slump before that, and I’ve come a long way over the last twelve months. I’m not yet anywhere near where I want to be in a couple of matters, but in others I think I’ve exceeded my own expectations. Over the coming year, I will bring it all together, catch up in those areas I’m behind in, and continue along in the ones I’m excelling in. I won’t go into detail on that here, I think these sort of things work better when kept private, but it pertains in general to health, wealth, family, and self growth. One thing I intend to do much more of is blogging, which is why I’m writing this today. That brings me to the concluding section of this post..

The purpose of this blog

Finally doing more than just publishing a theme and forgetting about it.

I have owned my namesake domain for several years now, but I’ve never actually began using it. I started out a couple times, but didn’t get to even the first blog post. This website will serve a couple of purposes, I will use it to:

For Journaling

I want to write blog posts in a sort of journal fashion (like this post), so my friends and family have a more intimate way of keeping up with me, should they so desire.

To Teach

I plan to write guides and tutorials in different subjects I’ve become somewhat of an expert in, so I can give back in a way; I’m self-taught in most things I know and implement in my work, and by self-taught I mean I learned off other people that took the time to blog and write tutorials and such.

Affiliate Links

I will use this platform to give recommendations to various tools and services I use in marketing.

For My Daughter

And finally, I think this will be something my daughter Jemma appreciates being able to browse through one day when she’s older.